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Photography business coach.  Mentoring and coaching for photographers

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I'm Shanna,
your new business coach friend!

I am so glad you are here!  I am the owner and photographer at Shanna Chess Photography in Eugene, Oregon.  I also teach photographers how to attract those dream clients, price themselves profitably, and jump into IPS, so they stop shooting every night and weekend and begin operating a profitable and sustainable photography business. 

I remember when I gained enough confidence in my work to know that the work I was creating was beautiful and that my business was worthy of becoming a professional, profitable and sustainable photography studio.  I dug into my past lives when I was a business marketing graduate and a manager at a Fortune 500 company to pull out those skills and make it happen.  I needed to start marketing myself to my dream client so that I could begin making a profit.  I wanted to be able to invest back into my business and my growth as a photographer, all while also helping contribute to my family finances more.  I was burned out spending every evening while my girls were in bed editing, shooting every weekend and being away from my family, and not having enough money to even help pay the mortgage.  

Photographer business coaching.  Business mentoring for photographers

Once I started presenting myself as a professional expert in my field, raised my prices to cover my business expenses,  switched to an IPS pricing structure, and paid myself a living wage, I was able to make my photography business a full time career, began booking dream clients, all while having more time with my family and a better work life balance.  I can't wait to help you do the same! 

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