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Eugene Oregon Newborn Photographer: Welcome Callan!

Anyone else got a soft spot for chunky babies? I do, and I loved every minute with sweet, roly-poly Callan! Enjoy the pictures of this irresistible baby boy!

Naked baby boy curled up asleep in Eugene Oregon newborn photo studio

Melissa brought him in for his newborn session and it was so great to see her again and meet the new little guy! I photographed big sister Emlyn a couple of years ago. (Okay, maybe more like three or four years ago, as I’m thinking about it. Wow—has it really been that long?) Anyway, I could totally see big sister in Callan. She had the same light hair, chubby cheeks, and that frown of concentration when she slept. (Check out Emlyn’s newborn session if you want to compare these adorable siblings!)

Collage of new baby boy by Eugene Oregon newborn photographer Shanna Chess Photography

We had used a nice, light color scheme for Emlyn, and we did the same thing for baby Callan, but with more of a blue-green bent for baby boy. I don’t know if Mom is planning to use any of their photos side-by-side in an album or wall arrangement, but they would look great together if she did! (Something to think about if you have professional photos of all your babies—especially if you use the same newborn photographer for all of them. I’ve sometimes used a similar color scheme or the same prop for multiple babies in the same family to give their photos a cohesive feel.)

Baby boy in pajamas and sleep cap

Newborn boy with chubby cheeks

Callan was awesome for me—he was a big guy and even woke up for me for a few minutes so I could capture a cute, sleepy baby stare.

New baby boy in white wrap with eyes open

As a Eugene Oregon newborn photographer it is so rewarding to see families come back to me again and again with each new addition. I love watching families grow and helping them capture the magic of welcoming a new baby. I would love to do the same for you, so please get in touch so we can document each new chapter of your family’s story.

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