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Eugene Oregon Newborn Photographer: Welcome Giana!

Spring is just around the corner, and I can’t think of a better way to get excited about new life than by looking through newborn photos from one of my favorite sessions. Meet Giana!

Baby girl with flowered headband asleep in Eugene photography studio

I have to say, while I think all babies are adorable and I fall in love with every single one that comes to my Eugene portrait studio, some babies are absolutely gorgeous. Giana was definitely one of them! Such a beautiful little one. She was a doll baby and I think she knew it. She had the cutest little smile for most of her newborn photography session!

Newborn girl in froggy pose

Mom, Dad, and Grandma were all able to join us for these baby pictures, which was great! It was wonderful meeting this family, and I love taking generational photos too. Such a cherished memory that will become ever more precious to Giana as she grows.

Parents and grandmother holding new baby girl in photography studio in Eugene Oregon

She was so sweet and we got a beautiful gallery of photos for her family to enjoy. I keep my studio nice and warm so that babies stay comfortable during shots when I get them out of the swaddle. But like most babies, she also loved being tucked into my fluffy, woolly basket. I feel like this is basically a baby nest—they love it!

Baby girl in fluffy wool basket with pink flowers in the background

I love the neutrals and very soft, dusky pinks Giana’s mom picked out for her baby pictures. I keep a wide variety of swaddles, headbands, outfits, and props so that I can create sessions to suit every family’s tastes. It’s always fun to see which colors parents choose. Some of them seem to have every bit as much of an artistic eye as I do!

Swaddled infant girl on faux fur throw

Loved spending time with this little princess and her family, and I hope you’ve enjoyed her photos!

Thanks for stopping by the blog! I love sharing the joy that comes with capturing memories for amazing Oregon families. If you’d like to be one of them, please get in touch! I can’t wait to create an amazing session for you and your loved ones!


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