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Eugene Oregon Newborn Photographer: Welcome Maverick!

How cute is this little dude? Lindsey and Mario brought their adorable son Maverick to see me for newborn photos, and of course I fell in love with him immediately. How could you not? I mean, look at that face!

Newborn boy curled up on back asleep

They chose to skip family photos and just really put the focus on baby. While I love capturing the connections between newborn and parents (or even older siblings), you’ll never hear me argue when Mom and Dad want me to spend the whole session time just snuggling their little one and getting all the best baby-only pictures and poses. :)

infant boy in froggy pose hugging knitted football

Maverick did such a good job for me! We chose sage as our main color, mixed with some neutrals, and it was perfect for his beautiful skin tone. And does he rock the long-tail beanie look or what?

Baby boy in sage-colored long tail beanie asleep on cot

Because newborn photography is best done early (usually within two weeks after baby’s birth), it’s usually one of the first outings you’ll make together after you’re home from the hospital. This can feel a little intimidating—especially if it’s your first baby—but it’s so worth it! What parent doesn’t want photos like these so you can hold on to those first days forever?

Newborn baby boy in white wrap against sage background, image captured by Eugene Oregon photographer Shanna Chess

If you need some ideas for making your trip to the photography studio a success, just reach out. After a decade of photographing newborns, I’ve got lots of tips and tricks that I’m more than happy to share with you. And rest assured, once you get to the studio, I’ll take it from there! I’ve got a comfy space where you can relax, watch TV, or enjoy some snacks and coffee while I capture every detail of your precious newborn.

Baby boy asleep on side and wearing white beanie with button

I can’t wait to welcome you and your sweet bundle to the studio! Get in touch and let’s capture those memories!

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