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Newborn Photographer near Newport Oregon: Welcome Bodhi!

This was my last newborn photography session of 2022—and it was a great one! Bodhi and his parents made the trip to my studio all the way from Newport. If you’re new to the area, Newport is a fantastic town on the Oregon coast that you should absolutely check out! My family and I love to visit there sometimes to play on the beach or visit the aquarium. It’s almost two hours from Eugene though, where my studio is based, so I took it as a huge compliment that Bodhi’s parents made the trip with a new baby!

Newborn boy asleep on cot in Eugene Oregon photography studio

Appropriately, given where they’re from, mom and dad told me that they decorated Bodhi’s nursery in a coastal theme with soft blues and greens. We used some of those same colors, and also decided that gray would be the perfect fit as well. (If you’re undecided on colors for your newborn pictures, you can’t go wrong with neutrals! They go with pretty much any color scheme, making them ideal for gifts. There’s nothing grandparents like better than photos of those precious little ones!) And I loved the idea of using some natural wood in a few of our props. Just gave it more of that coastal feel that we were going for!

Baby boy from Newport Oregon asleep in driftwood bed during coastal themed newborn photoshoot

Can't get enough? Me either! Click the arrow for more cute Bodhi pictures!

Bodhi was such a cutie and did a fantastic job for me. He even woke up briefly during our newborn photoshoot and gave me some great expressions before drifting off again. So happy for this sweet family—and delighted that I could do this baby boy session for them despite the distance between their home and my studio. When you find the right baby photographer, distance doesn’t matter so much!

Newport Oregon parents holding baby boy during photography session with Eugene photographer

Speaking of which, I love serving families all throughout Oregon, so no matter where you’re located, I hope you’ll be in touch so we can create beautiful, timeless photos for you to treasure.

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