I'm a mom of two gorgeous girls and a wife to an amazing man.  I've always loved pictures and capturing images as long back as I can remember.  I became a more avid enthusiast when I signed up for photography classes while in high school.  We used 35mm manual cameras with black and white film and developed our pictures in a darkroom.  They were by far my favorite classes in my school days.  I loved photographing a family friend's daughter and this blossomed into me primarily taking portraits, especially children's.


With the impending arrival of our eldest daughter, I felt the need to invest in a digital DSLR camera because I knew I would be taking pictures of her all.the.time.  My friends called me "paparazzi," a title I had rightfully earned! Taking pictures was something that brought me joy--I wanted to capture every single memory...every moment. So one day when I am old and grey, I can look back at those images, relive the moments, smile and maybe even cry a little.  I wanted better pictures than I was taking with my point and shoot and phone when it came to the long awaited arrival of our first born.

After she was born, my husband and I made the best decision for our family.  I did not return to work as a retail manager.  I loved my job--I made many great friends, was well respected, and was moving up in the company. Despite my success, my family needed to come first and retail is not always the most family friendly job.  By the time she was 9 months old (July 2012), I was starting my own business as a photographer and haven't looked back since.  

After about a year in business, I found my passion--newborn photography.  I love capturing that newness that you never get back!  And it is also one of the most challenging and lengthly sessions I do (shooting and editing), and I have always loved a challenge :)  I opened my 2nd studio in March 2016--a 1600 square foot, full service studio on our property, and I love having my own space!  It definitely helps my efficiency with newborn sessions, and increases the comfort level for my clients.


As of January 2014, I have been accepted as a volunteer photographer for a bereavement photography organization, Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep.  This is an amazing organization that hits close to home for me, since I am a loss mom myself.


Thank you for visiting and I look forward to capturing your family's memories!  You can contact me anytime to schedule your session :)

Licensed (LLC 92119891) and insured

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