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The Profitable Portrait Photographer

Photographer Education

Work with me in my Profitable Portrait Photographer courses.

I'm thrilled to share my knowledge with other photographers.  

I offer online photography business coaching and in person photography mentoring.  

photography business coach

profitable portrait photographer business course online
photography business coach, profitable photographer
Super Simple IPS

My most recent group coaching session, Super Simple IPS, is designed for accomplished portrait photographers who are prepared to increase their income and start their IPS journey.

Super Simple IPS will help you finally make the transition to IPS. You gain access to my straightforward but effective, and crazy simple,  strategy for becoming an IPS photographer who consistently books high-end customers, along with all the resources, tactics, accountability, and support you need to turn your goals into reality.

There are so many IPS courses out there, but none that teach my simple method I created over 8 years ago and have been successfully using to reach 4-figure sales with every client.  It isn't pushy (your work sells itself!), it isn't complicated (2 easy factors to the pricing that clients adore), and clients love it!

Profitable Photography Business 101

Profitable Photography Business 101 is an online course for portrait photographers who are ready to be seen as an expert professional and run a sustainable and profitable business.

Profitable Photography Business 101 is the missing link that will help you finally be a profitable and professional photography business. You get access to my simple yet powerful process of becoming a profitable photography business that books high-end clients day in and day out, plus all of the tools and strategies to make your dream a reality.

photography business coach, business coach, profitable photography business
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Photographer Mentoring

I offer 1:1 mentoring in my studio in Eugene, Oregon.  

Topics can cover:

--Session setup and planning

--Posing and lighting for newborns, maternity and milestones



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