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Eugene Oregon Newborn Photographer: Welcome Jahseh!

I know it’s a little early for fall-themed photos, but if there’s one thing I cannot resist it’s a baby in a pumpkin hat. And really, is no one else hankering for those crisp autumn evenings and turning leaves?

Baby in froggy pose wearing pumpkin hat

This session with sweet little Jahseh is actually one I did last year, and he was just in time to sneak in not only a fall/pumpkin shot (this was just a few days before Halloween), but also my first Christmas-themed photo of the year. As a newborn and family photographer I start thinking about holidays way ahead of anyone else! (In fact, Christmas minis for this year are coming right up! I usually hold these in late October/early November, so make sure you’re following along on Facebook and Instagram so you’ll know when I open up dates!)

Baby boy in Santa suit holding gingerbread lovey

While we did have fun doing some holiday setups, most of our session was done with some lovely neutral colors and just a smidge of sage green. It’s always so fun to see which colors and setups parents choose. I customize every session to the unique preferences of my clients, so I have props for just about every style you could imagine.

Newborn boy asleep in boho swing in Eugene, Oregon photography studio

Parents Yajaira and Denzel were understandably enamored with their new bundle. Jahseh was the sweetest thing. He had the most perfect skin, lips, and hair—not to mention he slept like a little rock star! As a Eugene photographer with over a decade of experience under my belt, I’m totally up for handling babies that are a bit fussy or restless, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love a super easy baby like Jahseh!

Eugene newborn photography, baby boy asleep in various poses

Such a delight to have this family in the studio! It’s been fun to look back on Jahseh’s baby pictures from last year. I hope you enjoy them too!

Naked baby boy curled up asleep on white beanbag

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