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Eugene Oregon Maternity Photographer: Codi

This expecting mother was really hoping for outdoor maternity photos. I’m all for outdoor photoshoots, but I’m the first to admit that they can be a little hit and miss in Oregon…especially in April, which was when we did this maternity session! We went ahead and scheduled it anyway and hoped really hard that the weather would cooperate. It was cold but it didn’t rain, so we considered that a win!

Pregnant woman in nude bodysuit lying on tree trunk

Codi wore my black strapless gown, which is such a classic! A lot of my clients love this one, and with its sleek lines I thought it contrasted beautifully with the grass and orchards of Dorris Ranch.

Woman in black strapless maternity gown walking in orchard

Woman in black strapless maternity gown against backdrop of trees in Eugene Oregon

She also picked out one of my new gowns: a nude-colored one that I think is destined to become a favorite as well. Between the draping sleeves and the tulle tossing train it has a bit of a romantic/dramatic feel that’s just gorgeous!

Woman in maternity gown with tulle tossing cloth walking through field

Codi also loved the idea of implied nudes, and wasn’t going to let a little thing like a chill in the air stop her! I’ve mostly done implied nudes in my Eugene Oregon photo studio, so it was really fun to try them outdoors and it gave our shots an entirely different feel. I love that Codi knew exactly what she wanted and trusted me to help her bring it about! While I enjoy designing sessions, there’s something incredibly special about knowing that I’ve helped one of my beautiful mothers-to-be make her vision a reality. Pregnancy is such a special time of life, and I want you to have gorgeous maternity photos to remember it by: Photos that are uniquely your own and reflect an aesthetic you love!

Outdoor implied nude maternity photos by Eugene Oregon maternity photographer Shanna Chess

Thank you, Codi, for trusting me to be your Eugene, Oregon maternity photographer! Your maternity session was amazing and I’m so glad I could be part of creating these images and memories for you!

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