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Eugene Oregon Maternity Photographer: Mandie and Family

I am loving the bold, high-contrast colors Mandie chose for her maternity photography session! If you like a little bit of dramatic flair in photos, you’re going to love her pregnancy pics!

Pregnant woman in red maternity gown posing against dark backdrop in Eugene Oregon photo studio

Mandie brought the whole family to my Eugene, Oregon photo studio for her maternity session. I am all about this! It is totally up to you who you want to include in your maternity photoshoot. Your partner and children are more than welcome to join. I’ve even done maternity pictures with pets! Or, if you want this experience all to yourself, that’s wonderful too. It really is about what would be special and memorable for you as you get ready to welcome a new life to the world. It was so much fun to spend time with Mandie and her clan as they await their new baby girl's arrival.

Parents and children with photo blocks during maternity session

While I love gentle neutrals, I also have a soft spot for bolder colors. Apparently it’s a soft spot that Mandie shares! I loved the contrast of the red and black for our images of Mom and Dad, and then the black and white for family photos.

Man in black shirt and jeans embracing pregnant women in red maternity gown

I definitely encourage my maternity clients to be true to their own style. Just because one particular color or setup seems to be popular at the moment doesn’t mean you have to go with it. These are your memories! Talk to your maternity photographer (and look through their portfolio) to make sure they can deliver the kind of images that reflect who you are right now—because those are the pictures you will love for the rest of your life.

Maternity portrait of woman in profile wearing black wrap

Getting ready to welcome a new little one? Or maybe you’re at an entirely different stage of motherhood? Either way, I would love to capture your experience through beautiful images that you can treasure forever. I want you to have these memories, from baby bump to when your ‘baby’ is graduating high school—and everything in between! Reach out and let’s get started.

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