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Eugene Oregon Motherhood Photography Sessions | Chelsea and Bodi

I recently had the privilege of welcoming Chelsea and her adorable son Bodi to my Eugene Oregon photography studio for some fine art motherhood portraits. I’ve recently begun offering these and they are proving to be very popular! There is nothing like that beautiful mother/baby bond. (Not to mention the pampering! Professional hair and makeup is included before your motherhood session—a favorite for busy moms who often don’t get much time for themselves.)

Kneeling woman holding up baby and kissing him on the cheek

Chelsea had been going back and forth for a while, trying to decide between family photos or a motherhood photography session. You really can’t go wrong with either of these, but in the end she decided she really wanted to capture that special bond between herself and her son. I’m so glad she did! Her motherhood portraits turned out beautifully and will be such a treasure for her and her family.

Woman in black gown holding infant son during motherhood photography session in Eugene Oregon

Mother smiling down at son for fine art motherhood portraits

As with my other full sessions, there is usually time for an outfit change or two while we capture your motherhood portraits, so you can do a couple of different styles. Chelsea chose a more formal look with the black gown (and Bodi all dressed up in his vest and bow tie—so cute!) and then balanced that out with a more casual wrap. We even snuck some breastfeeding pictures in there too!

Collage of mother and baby during motherhood portrait session

Your motherhood journey is beautiful and deserves to be documented. As moms, we are often not in many of the pictures of our child’s growing up. We’re always the ones behind the camera! So, for both you and your children, I hope you’ll treat yourself to motherhood portraits that hold a record of your love for each other. No matter if you have infants or middle schoolers, I would love to welcome you to my studio and take pictures of you just loving on your babies! Contact me for details.

Woman in black gown seated on posing blocks holding baby son

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