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Fine Art Motherhood Portraits

I am so excited to announce a new session offering for my beautiful clients: Shanna Chess Photography studio is now offering Fine Art Motherhood Portraits!

Fine art motherhood portraits in Eugene Oregon photography studio

Motherhood is powerful. It’s beautiful, and it’s a journey that shows us how strong we are and how much love we have to give. I’ve learned so many lessons in my own years of motherhood, and my experience as a Eugene Oregon family photographer has given me so much respect for each and every mama!

Yet, maybe because I’m a portrait photographer, I’ve also noticed a pattern: All too often, mothers are the ones behind the camera, making sure to document every precious moment of their children’s growing up…but they’re rarely in the photos themselves.

Think about it. When was the last time you had a beautiful photo with just you and your little ones?

I think it’s time.

With these Fine Art Motherhood Portraits, I hope to give you wonderful moms a unique opportunity: allowing you to become an integral part of the art that depicts your family’s memories. Motherhood photography sessions are a way to capture the loving, timeless bond between you and your children. These moments are fleeting, and babies don’t keep. So, stop hiding behind the camera and let me show you how beautiful motherhood looks on you!

Mother in gray cardigan seated on floor holding young son

Whether you intend your motherhood portraits to be a special gift for your husband, a treasure for yourself, or an heirloom you can pass on to your children, you will never regret having motherhood photos taken, but you will regret missing the moment. Let’s remember your motherhood journey by creating captivating portraits for you and your family to cherish.

Lifestyle motherhood portrait with mom in white dress seated on bed with children

Oh, and did I mention? Your session includes professional hair and makeup at our Eugene, Oregon photo studio. What a wonderful way to pamper and treat yourself!

Thank you to Kendra and her sweet girl, Brynleigh, and Torie and her two gorgeous girls, Chloe and Hayden, for being my models for these mother and child photos! I can’t wait to help you create this same kind of beautiful artwork so that you can have a tangible reminder of the love you and your children share, and of your irreplaceable role as their mama!

If you'd like to learn more, please get in touch!

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