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Eugene, Oregon Newborn Photographer: 8 Week Session with Brynleigh

This was an unusual newborn photography session for me, in that baby girl was older than two weeks (which is when I usually encourage parents to get baby into the studio.) But it ended up being such a fun and unique experience!

8-week-old "newborn" girl in pink outfit asleep on floral beanbag

Before her daughter was born, Kendra had inquired about my newborn sessions, but ended up deciding against it. Instead, she had a family session with Brynleigh as a brand-new baby done by a relative. But as time went on, Kendra realized that she did want Brynleigh to have a professional newborn photography session with me. She reached out to see if it was still possible.

There are several reasons I recommend doing a newborn photoshoot within the first two weeks of baby’s arrival—one of which is that babies tend to be extra sleepy and flexible, which makes all those adorable newborn poses easier. But, as I told Kendra, I am totally up for working with older babies! When working with older “newborns,” I make sure parents know that the expectations may be a little different. For example, we may not get all those classic newborn poses, simply because baby isn’t as flexible—and your baby’s safety and comfort always come first for me!

smiling baby girl during older newborn session with Eugene Oregon newborn photographer

I told Kendra that, no matter what, we would get beautiful photos, and I would definitely try some naked and curly newborn style poses—we would just have to see if Brynleigh cooperated! This sweet baby girl was 8 weeks old by the time she came to see me, and she absolutely rocked it! She let me do all the newborn poses with her and looked perfect doing it.

So glad that I got to be the Eugene Oregon newborn photographer for this precious baby girl after all. I know these baby pictures will be a treasure for Brynleigh and her parents!

8 week old baby girl in newborn poses at Eugene Oregon photography studio

I love working with babies and children of all ages! Regardless of whether your little one is an infant, toddler, school-age, or somewhere in-between, I’m ready to help you capture those memories. Please get in touch, and I’ll help you create a beautiful session with images you can treasure for a lifetime!

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