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Eugene Oregon Newborn Photographer | Welcome Anastasia!

Is anyone else ready for some sunshine after the rain we’ve had the last few days? Then you’re in luck! Anastasia was a little ray of sunshine in my Eugene, Oregon photography studio, and I know she’ll be the bright spot in your day too!

Wakeful baby girl curled in turmeric yellow swaddle with a bow in her hair

Chelsea and Konnor brought their sweet baby girl to see me shortly after she was born so that they could capture some beautiful newborn photos. She was just lovely and we had such a good time together!

Unless clients ask me for recommendations, I always like to let them choose their favorite colors and props so they can really make the session their own. I am absolutely in love with the vibrant mustard yellow that this mom chose. I feel like yellow is an underutilized color in baby pictures generally, and this particular rich, warm shade is just gorgeous.

Baby girl asleep on yellow lace blanket in Eugene Oregon photo studio

Baby wearing a soft pink beanie asleep on her tummy in Oregon photography studio

We also used some pink, since yellow and pink are the colors of Anastasia’s nursery. I can just picture some of these shots framed on her nursery walls. The perfect finishing touch!

Konnor and Chelsea personalized their baby girl’s session even further by bringing a handmade baby quilt from home. So pretty. We decided to pair it with my heart bowl prop and some florals and it couldn’t have been better! I love it when parents bring special items like this. They are such treasures and make already beautiful baby pictures even more meaningful.

Baby girl in yellow swaddle sleeps peacefully in a heart-shaped bowl surrounded by flowers with a handmade quilt as the background

Mom and Dad also wanted a few lifestyle newborn pictures to round out their session. We did these in a more neutral palette using my bedroom lifestyle setup in the studio. It’s the perfect way to get those intimate shots in a home-like setting, without sleep-deprived new parents having to get their own home photo-ready!

Young parents hold their newborn daughter in a cozy lifestyle bedroom setup in a portrait studio in Eugene Oregon

I hope these photos of Anastasia have brightened your day as much as she brightened mine! And if you need photos of your little one to brighten the walls of your home, I would be honored to be your photographer! I hope you’ll be in touch.


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