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Eugene, Oregon Newborn Photographer: Welcome Harriet!

Just look at those beautiful baby eyes! Courtney, Beka, and Sawyer brought new baby sister Harriet to me for her newborn photography session and she did amazing! She had a good amount of awake time during her session—I can give all kinds of tips for getting baby nice and sleepy before their session, but let’s face it: they’re babies, and they’ll do what they want! Fortunately though, Harriet was super calm and content while she was awake, giving us the chance to capture those gorgeous eyes! And although she was very interested in what was going on she couldn’t fight it forever. She took naps too, so we got both kinds of photos, which was perfect!

Swaddled newborn girl looking at camera

Harriet was absolutely adorable and a joy to photograph. And it was so good to see Sawyer in the studio again! Last time I saw him was for his newborn pictures, so yeah, it’s been a while! He’s gotten so big and is still such a cutie. He did a great job with his new little sis, too.

Two moms holding baby girl in Eugene Oregon newborn photographer studio

Seeing the colors parents choose is always fun, and I loved the contrast between the deep wine and neutral cream in Harriet’s session. Harriet looked so pretty in every color, of course. And we also included some baby quilts, just as we had done for Sawyer’s session. It’s always fun when we’re able to keep a common thread going through the newborn photos of multiple siblings—whether that’s a particular prop, similar color scheme, or a single element like quilts, hearts, or stuffed animals. (Plus, it makes it so much easier to design cohesive wall displays and photo albums that flow seamlessly from one page to the next.)

Newborn girl with quilts in various poses at newborn photo studio in Eugene Oregon

I loved having this amazing family in my Eugene, Oregon photography studio again. Made me so happy to see how they’re growing and thriving, and it was a delight to meet their newest member!

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