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Eugene, Oregon Newborn Photographer | Welcome Ryder!

Ready for some adorable baby boy pictures? I thought you were! Tammy and Tyler brought their new little guy, Ryder, to my Eugene, Oregon photography studio back in January. I know we’re into blistering July temperatures right now, but at the time of our newborn photography session it was still a winter wonderland out there, so we did lots of cozy setups. I’m loving the summer, but I’ll admit, there’s something about the soft textures and quiet colors in Ryder’s newborn photos that are making me think it won’t be so bad when the cold weather comes back!

baby in deer outfit

Ryder was absolutely precious and his big brother Jackson loved taking photos with him. Every kiddo is different, and some siblings need a little coaxing to pose with their new baby brother or sister—but not Jackson! He was a natural, and it was so cute to watch him interact with the new baby.

family with newborn in bedroom setup in Eugene Oregon photography studio

There are several options when it comes to getting photos of older siblings with a newborn. One of my favorites, especially for older siblings that maybe aren’t quite able to hold baby safely yet, is to use a bed setup. It’s simple, provides a comfortable, homey backdrop, and is the perfect spot for cuddles!

baby boy in bear hat by Eugene Oregon newborn photographer

Little man looked great in hats, so we used a bunch of those! Everything from an adorable teddy bear bonnet to a way-cool cowboy hat, plus a couple of fun props from my studio collection.

baby boy in froggy pose wearing cowboy hat

I loved helping Tammy, Tyler, and their family celebrate Ryder’s arrival! He really was such a sweetheart and was just a delight to photograph.

newborn boy in a variety of setups in photo studio located in Eugene Oregon

Are you a parent, or about to become one? Let me tell you, as a mom myself, I know how important it is to have photos of your babies that you can look back on as they grow. Because grow they will—faster than you ever thought possible! So whatever stage of life your baby is at, get in touch and let’s capture those memories for you to hang onto forever!

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