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Eugene, Oregon Newborn Photographer: Welcome Sophie!

Another boho-style newborn session with neutral colors—this time for a baby girl. So fun that I got to do the same style for both a boy and a girl back to back! (Check out Brooklynn’s session if you want to see some boho-style pictures for a baby boy.)

newborn girl in froggy pose wearing baby beanie with pink bow

Ashley and Blake brought their adorable little Sophie to my studio shortly after her birth. Ashley told me that they’ve set up Sophie’s room in a style that’s boho with neutral colors. She wanted the photos to match—very neutral, with just a touch of green here and there—so they’ll be perfect hanging in the nursery.

Collage of boho-themed baby girl photos by Eugene Oregon newborn photographer Shanna Chess Photography

Ashley had also expressed an interest in lifestyle newborn photography, so we used my bedroom setup to create some newborn and parent portraits with a comfy, home-like feel.

You may think that lifestyle photos can only be done at home, but with the right setup, a professional photography studio can give you exactly the same vibe. Plus, doing your lifestyle newborn photos at the studio saves you the trouble of worrying about whether you have enough natural light, or stressing about making your home picture-perfect. (Trust me, as a mom myself, I know that cleaning house is the very last thing you want to be worrying about right after you bring home your new baby!)

Studio lifestyle photos with parents and newborn in airy bedroom setup

Instead, you can enjoy the comfortable, intimate space at my studio in Eugene, Oregon. No stress, no hassle, just beautiful pictures. We’ll decorate the bedroom space to match your preferences so that your lifestyle studio photos are a perfect fit for your home. Get in touch to learn more!

New baby girl with boho headband

I love how the photos from Sophie’s newborn photography session turned out! She was absolutely adorable and the pictures of her and her mom and dad are just precious. I’m so glad we were able to create this beautiful session together!

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