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Eugene Oregon Maternity Photographer | Studio Session with Darrian

Okay, so I know I don’t usually include quite so many photos in my blog posts…but I was having such a hard time choosing favorites from this one! I honestly loved everything about this maternity photography session with Darrian!

Woman in white maternity dress strikes a playful pose, reclining on the floor of a portrait studio in Eugene Oregon

Darrian was pregnant with her first sweet little boy and decided to celebrate with some solo maternity photos in the studio. Whether you choose to include others in your maternity photoshoot or make it a special treat for yourself, there is no better way to capture memories of this magical stage in your life.

Pregnant woman wearing sheer white maternity dress  backlit against a black backdrop

Young woman cradles her pregnant belly while modeling an open-front white maternity gown with long sleeves

My photography studio in Eugene Oregon is fully stocked with everything you need for a portrait session—including a client closet of beautiful maternity gowns for mothers-to-be! Darrian chose my gold silk, which I was so happy about because, seriously, talk about gorgeous! That color was so perfect for her skin tone.

Woman in elegant gold silk gazes into the distance during her maternity photoshoot in Eugene Oregon

Woman in gold silk tossing fabric during maternity photo session

We also used a sheer black dress, a bold red one (so sexy!) and one of my white gowns with an open front—perfect for showing off that baby bump!

Young pregnant woman in sheer black maternity dress poses for Eugene Oregon photographer

Woman in slit red maternity gown gazes down coyly during her pregnancy photoshoot

Woman in open-front white maternity gown seated on posing block in Oregon photography studio in the Eugene/Springfield area

I’m always adding to my studio wardrobe too, and when I get a new piece in I like to have clients model it for me so that I can share photos. (I much prefer to photograph my gowns on a beautiful mama model rather than just on a hanger. After all, in my opinion, it’s you that makes the dress look good, not the other way around!) Darrian very kindly agreed to model my new white robe with peach flower details. I think it’s going to be a favorite!

Pregnant woman with one hand on her belly as she models a white gown with peach details for a portrait photographer

Looking to capture memories of your pregnancy in a way that’s beautiful, relaxed, and completely you? As a Eugene Oregon maternity photographer with over a decade of experience photographing mothers and babies, it would truly be my delight to welcome you to my studio for your very own pampering maternity photoshoot experience. Get more inspiration here, and when you’re ready, head over to my contact page to inquire about your session. This season of motherhood is so beautiful—don’t let it pass you by without creating images to treasure!

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