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Eugene Oregon Newborn Photographer: Welcome Italy!

As a newborn photographer, I sometimes can’t decide which scenario I like more: When parents come to me with a really specific vision in mind and all I have to do is bring it to life, or when they give me permission to do whatever I want and I can just play and have fun. With this session, I had the best of both worlds!

baby girl in ruffly wrap and floral headband with pink lilies besides her

Italy’s mama, Katherine, brought her in to my Eugene, Oregon photography studio for her photo debut. (And I immediately fell in love, by the way. What a cutie!) She wanted the session to focus just on Italy, no family pictures, and to be as girly and feminine as possible, with lots of cream, white, and pink. From there, I could use whatever props and outfits, flowers, lace, ruffles, pearls, etc. that I thought would work best. So much fun!

newborn girl in froggy pose wearing ruffled bonnet

Baby girl asleep in pink wrap in Eugene Oregon newborn photography studio

Even with a very girly newborn photo session, I wanted mom to have some fairly simple photos that were very focused on baby. So, within her color scheme I did a few setups and poses with just a wrap or headband, and maybe just a little bit of ruffles or lace to make things extra pretty. More minimal photos like this are really flexible and