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How to Create a Profitable Photography Business 101

I am so excited to announce the launch of my new course: Profitable Photography Business 101! After a decade+ of running my own successful photography business, I’ve decided to offer my services as a coach and mentor to other photographers who want to chase their dream but are feeling fearful or overwhelmed.

Profitable Photography Business 101 poster for new course

This is something I’m passionate about because…I’ve been there. That place where you’ve poured your heart and soul into creating a profitable photography business and feel like you’ve tried everything…and yet you’re still struggling to attract clients who really value your work. You’re still not turning a profit, you’re exhausted and disappointed, and you wonder if being a full-time portrait photographer is just not in the cards for you.

Several years ago, this was me. Then, I decided to dig into my past to make a big change. I majored in business marketing at school and managed retail stores for a Fortune 500 company for over a decade before I made the choice to follow my heart. I knew how to run a profitable business. I knew the psychology behind successful marketing. I just needed to apply it to my photography business.

And that’s when things changed.

Photography mentor at work with camera and computer

I’ve taken everything I learned in school, in my past career, and in my photography business—all the things that really work—and put it together in my new course: Profitable Photography Business 101. It’s what I wish I’d had when I first started out. My goal is to help fellow portrait photographers skip those years of manic effort with nothing to show for it, and instead put their time and effort where it will make a BIG difference.

In Profitable Photography Business 101, we’ll cover:

  • Legalities like licensing and insurance. Your photography business has to be legitimate and professional so clients can feel safe putting their trust in you.

  • How to figure out your finances, from setting your price structure to paying taxes. That way you can feel confident as you price your services in a smart and profitable way. No more budget sessions!

  • All the marketing basics (website, blog, social media, advertising, competitor analysis, you name it!) so that potential clients can easily find you.

  • Plus, the beyond-the-basics secrets of marketing so that not only can your high-end dream clients find you, but they are blown away by your professionalism and will keep coming back for more.

Website, journal, and other course materials for Profitable Photography Business 101

Are you ready to do what you love, work less while making more money, and change the lives of your dream clients through your art? I am so excited to help you kickstart your journey to building a successful photography business! Spaces in Profitable Photography Business 101 open on September 19th, so mark your calendar for this Tuesday or join the waitlist below. If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to DM me on Instagram. Can’t wait to see you in the course and watch your business grow!

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