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Milestone Photography Session with Annalise and Thea

Another year has passed and these girlies keep growing up right before my eyes. But they don’t lose an ounce of personality! I have been their family photographer since Annalise was a newborn and I absolutely love them. Can’t believe Annalise is seven now, and that Thea is five!

Sisters lying in the grass smiling at each other

These sisters are adorable and always so much fun to photograph. It makes me so happy that their parents understand the value of preserving these memories, and that they make it a priority to schedule a milestone photo session for their girls every year. These pictures are already a treasure for their family, and I know Annalise and Thea will love looking back on these memories of their childhood as they grow older.

Little girl in rose garden during milestone photography session

We like choosing different locations for our annual milestone photography session. This time we met at Owen Rose Garden, right next to the Willamette River. It was July, so the flowers were in full bloom, and the girls loved looking for roses in their favorite colors or that matched their outfits.

Milestone children's photography session at rose garden in Eugene Oregon

As a children’s photographer, I know from experience that you get the best results with kids if they (and you) are relaxed. So—especially if we’re shooting outdoors—I’ll often incorporate a game or some movement to help them have fun. Ring-around-the-rosie is always a favorite with these sisters (and even more appropriate this time, given the location!) and we also did a freeze dance, which the girls loved!

A happy evening playing in the sunshine with some of my favorite people—what could be better? I feel so lucky to be the Eugene Oregon photographer for these two sweet, funny, and beautiful girls. Already looking forward to the next time we see each other again!

Little girls playing in rose garden in Eugene Oregon

Don’t let those memories of your little ones get away from you. Check out my packages and portfolio, and feel free to reach out with any questions. I’d be honored to preserve these precious memories for you and your family.

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